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2020 / 2021 Updates





 There are a few areas management and the Board have spent time on over the summer months,

  • We have spent time both researching what COVID-19 plans other clubs and resorts have made and at the same time reviewing public health guidelines to determine what is most likely feasible for the coming season.  We are hoping to operate as closely to normal as permitted, while at the same time creating a safe and healthy environment and offering a positive Member experience. 
  • We have almost completed our draft operational plan to review with public health officials, and are aiming to be consistent with an overall plan for the private clubs.  The operating plan will be complete in the fall and will be posted on the Club’s website for Member access and communicated through eblasts.
  • Designing protocol and procedures for implementation to keep staff safe and to form the basis for our training this fall and early winter.
  • We are actively looking at the staffing levels and models that will be required during the season for key areas (i.e. cleaning, food services) and are working on a program to ensure that our staff will be well trained with respect to COVID-19 protocols.  

Updates for the End of August

We have done our best to review all relevant documentation and to ensure that we have the best plan for consideration at this time.  As we know, things will remain fluid and are subject to review as we progress through the fall.  That being said, we do have a foundation that we are working through and are happy to review our thoughts as of today on how we will operate based on the approval of our plan.  

  • Annual Meeting – Scheduled for Sunday October 18th will be held virtually through ZOOM this year.  Please stay tuned for further updates in our fall mailing and through our Member eblasts.
  • The Ski Swap and Open House – Will be postponed this year but we will be organizing an online buy and sell for Members to connect, sell and exchange their used gear.
  • Dryland Training- Will be started virtually on Sunday September 13th with a plan to graduate to in person training as the fall progresses.
  • Trails and Slopes - We are planning concretely that there will be skiing during the 2020/21 season. Our operations staff are working through their regular maintenance and project schedules as they always do. We are anticipating the same excellent conditions and experience on the slopes this winter.
  • Lift Utilization – We anticipate that face coverings will be required while in lift lines and while riding the lifts. Accommodations will be made to allow those with health concerns to have the option to ride alone or within their own family or social circle.
  • Operating Calendar and Lift Hours - Will follow the same format as previous years – opening the first two weekends in December, weather permitting, daily through the Christmas holidays, Thursday through Sunday in January, February and early March, Family Day Monday, daily through March Break and weekends after March Break as weather permits.  On some Thursdays in January & February, lifts and terrain may be reduced based on participation. The Club’s buildings will be open from 7:30am until 4:30pm each operating day allowing ½ hour after the lifts close for Members to visit their lockers and to grab a quick snack at the conclusion of their ski day.  We are considering an earlier start to the weekend days to facilitate our program inclusion this year, but this may not be necessary.
  • Alpine Programs - Alpine programs are expected to proceed with, potentially, some minor modifications relating to class or team size and schedules.  Program registration is planned to commence on October 15th, with our program brochure being released on September 23rd.   More details will be provided when registration opens and communication will be sent through email bulletins for further updates and information.  Please see the Alpine Program update in this eblast for their update.
  • The Skating Rink- The Club is planning on operating the skating rink this winter and will be ready to enjoy for socially distanced activities including our recently introduced game of Ice Stock.
  • Lodges - Member gathering points are the most challenging areas to manage.  Peel Public Health regulations currently require that masks are mandatory when inside any of the lodges/buildings and can only be removed when seated for eating or drinking.  The Club is working with our Public Health authority to determine indoor seating capacity.  Cafeterias are not limited to 50 people inside each building during regular operating times, but the Club will be required to space tables out according to physical distancing measures.  As a result of this spacing requirement, there will be a significant reduction of seating capacity inside the lodges.  Outdoor seating options are being explored along with other options (i.e. program scheduling, guest restrictions, cafeteria and bar service models) to also address the loss of seating.  We are planning for as many outdoor environments as possible for extra seating and heaters that will ensure we have room for everyone to spread out as much as possible. Partitions will be installed at appropriate areas including the administration and alpine program counters, and other areas.  Washrooms will be regularly cleaned and sanitized according to the approved operating plan. 
  • Locker Access - Members will be permitted to access lockers.  Details regarding requirements for flow or any limit on numbers of people in locker areas at one time are being determined and will be included in the operating plan. 
  • Food and Beverage Service - These areas continue to be reviewed and the Club is looking at various options (tents, pre-order and mobile order food options, revised food service equipment, layout, staffing needs) to work within protocols and manage volume as best as possible. 
  • Social Events - Under the current protocols, some of our social events will be significantly altered, however, the Club will do its best to offer some opportunities as close to the regular schedule as possible. We will aim to design events that allow for safe social interaction especially in an outdoor environment while ensuring that we are meeting the public health requirements at all times.
  • Guests - The ability to bring guests to the Club this season remains under discussion and we expect to have reached a decision regarding guest access by mid-fall.  We expect that, at a minimum, immediate family who are not Members may ski as guests.  We may also have some limited availability during the week for guests to experience the Club.  At this time the Club is currently receiving applications for this year’s Trial Membership program.
  • Kid’s Club - We are considering operating the Kid’s Club playroom in a smaller cohort and with appropriate cleaning and protocols.
  • Exchange Passes – Will not be accepted from other clubs nor will our Members have the opportunity to get exchange passes for other clubs that would traditionally be available.   

We will continue to provide updates and additional communications as we work through our planning for our upcoming season.  In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the remainder of the summer and the excellent weather.  Please feel free to contact us with any thoughts or ideas regarding the upcoming season. We are looking forward to seeing you on the slopes this winter!


Craig MacDonald                                           Katherine Tremble-Taylor
General Manager                                           Board Chair
Caledon Ski Club                                







Hi Everyone,


I hope this email finds you well.


We are busy planning for next season and, at this point, while we are considering different scenarios on how we are going to operate programs, both Recreation and Competitive, we are still in the formulation stage but have many viable options to consider.  Program age categories will essentially be grouped the same as previously but we are looking at different times for the classes, making some previously full day programs into half day programs, adding extra sessions and creating multiple lunch periods in order to allow all Members equal access to the Club's cafeterias and facilities due to Covid-19 and the expected reduced capacities as per Health Department regulations. These measures are all taken with the goal of creating physical distancing and safe chairlift procedures that, with the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), will result in an excellent season.


There are still many things to consider, however, in general, through the many calls I have been on with industry partners and peers, everyone feels very positive about running outdoor programs with proper PPE. With face coverings, gloves and goggle usage we believe that both staff and participants will be protected.


Some of the things that we are considering are private lessons only, or parent assisted lessons, for 4 years of age and younger, small groups (2:1 ratio) for ages 5-7, larger groups or team sessions for eight years old and above, altering the times programs are delivered so we can use the lodges in a quantity controlled environment. These changes are being considered so all Members can access the lodges and use the Club in a safe and equitable fashion.


We will have this information available for everyone by September 23rd. Registration will begin October 15th. Any changes to the published information will be reflected in the online registration pages and we will make every effort to inform you of changes as they occur.


As community Members and staff of the Caledon Ski Club we appreciate your continued support and understanding of the challenging situation we are all facing as we navigate our way through this “new normal.” Rest assured that the Club has been working hard to create a safe and functional environment to meet the needs for our Members.


I look forward to catching up with you soon.


Bill Yeigh

Alpine Program Director 







Office Hours

As of Tuesday September 8, the West Lodge Administration Office will be open from 9am to 4pm. 


Please note that if you are entering the Lodge, you are required to wear a mask and sign-in at the desk by the door.  


If you wish to access your locker, please stop by the West Lodge Office to pick up the key. 


Please practice social distancing while in the Lodge or in the Locker Buildings.




Annual Member Statement




The Annual Statements were sent via email, unless you had previously specified otherwise, on Monday July 13, 2020.  If you did not receive your statement, please double check your junk mail then email admin@caledonskiclub.on.ca and we will be happy to forward you a copy. 


Please note that accounts must be paid in full in order to register for any Alpine Programs, both Recreation and Competitive.  


Payments can be made via cheque, E-Transfer (please use your Member Number for your security question), On-line Banking (please use your Member Number for your Account Number) or Plastiq (Third Party Credit Card Processor which charges you 2.5%)  


Questions? Please email admin@caledonskiclub.on.ca 


17431 Mississauga Road. Caledon, Ontario L7K 0E9 | Tel: 519.927.5221 | admin@caledonskiclub.on.ca