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Runs and Weather

  • CONDITIONS closed
  • Base cm
  • New snow last 24h cm
  • Snow Making Not in progress
  • Lifts Open
Join us for the upcoming AGM and Ski Swap on Sunday October 15th!! Our Ski Swap takes place at the West Lodge at 10am - 1pm. Our AGM for our Members takes place at the Main Lodge at 11:00am on Sunday October 15 as well. Friends of Members my attend or sell equipment at the Annual Swap. Equipment may be dropped off on Saturday October 14th between 2 and 5pm or Sunday October 15th form 8am until 9:30 am.

Hill Status - 10/23/17

  • Alley Way
  • Boughner's Boogie
  • Brimstone
  • Carson's Run / Simon's Snow Park
  • Dodds' Dip
  • Eaton's Annex
  • Harold's Headstander
  • Holden's Hwy
  • Kendall's Kandlhar
  • Kenne's Kicker
  • Kids' Buel
  • Knight Flight
  • Larry's Line
  • MacKenzie Trail
  • Moonbeam
  • O.K. Ross Run
  • Philpott's Folly
  • Porter's Pipeline
  • Quick Link
  • Roadrunner
  • Sidewinder
  • Soules' Skyway
  • The Steep Side
  • West Hill
  • Wortley's Wiggle

Trails & Ice Rink

  • Ice Rink
  • Snowshoe/Hiking Trails

Park Video/Test


**Please watch the above video before answering the questions below:

OK ... Part 2 of the program is a short quiz on what you have learned.
Complete the following and submit.  You will be sent an email with your results, and a liability waiver signature addendum. Print a copy of the email, sign the liability waiver addendum (under 18 requires parent or guardian to sign) and take it to the Ski School office at the Main Lodge, Lower Level where you will be given the 2016 - 2017 Smart Style Season Park Pass Sticker.

a) At the bottom of the park b) At each featurec) At the entrance to the parking lotd) At all park entrances and features as well as on trail maps and other safety signs
a) An orange oval with S, M, L, or XL related to the difficulty of the featureb) An orange circle with S. M. L or XL related to the size of the featurec) An orange oval with S, M, L, or XL related to the size of the featured) An orange circle with S, M, L or XL related to the difficulty of the park
a) Check the snow conditions and conditions of the features in the parkb) Check the road conditionsc) Ask the Park Crew for any updates or advice on specific features that you’d like to used) Both "A" and "C"
a) Ride the features slowly with just a little airb) Hit the features at top speedc) Get some coaching from a buddyd) Scope around features first, before going over them
a) People below you have the right of way b) Try to stick most of your landingsc) Start small and work your way upd) Overtake slower riders when approaching features
a) Stop on the approach pathb) Sideslip or snowplow down the approach pathc) Do set-up turns and speed checks on the approach d) Never slow down, always go straight
a) Other ridersb) The terrain and featuresc) The rulesd) All of the above
a) Stop as often as possible within the park areab) Always call your drop-in and always clear the landing area immediatelyc) Try not to hecke other riders and wear bright clothing to be more visibled) Make sure your edges are dull and only pass riders on the right side
a) Apples, Tomatoes, Mayo, Lettuce b) Approach, Takeoff, Manoeuvre, Linec) Advanced, Takeoff, Movement, Loadd) Approach, Takeoff, Maneuver, Landing
a) Easy Styles, Ride Hard, Ride Fast, Enjoy the Park b) Make a Plan, Look Before You Leap, Easy Style It, Respect Gets Respectc) Exceed Your Limits, Don’t Listen to the Park Staff, Go Big, Go Fastd) Advance, Takeoff, Maneuver, Landing
a) Throw a trick you have never tried beforeb) 50/50 on a rail or boxc) Straight air on a jumpd) Both b and c
a) Always stay in controlb) People in front of you have the right of wayc) Stop in a safe place for you and othersd) All of the above
a) The park staffb) Parents or Guardiansc) You and only youd) Your group of friends
a) Receive a warningb) Lose your lift ticket / pass.c) Received “High Fives” from your buds! d) Lose just your park pass
a) Nob) Yes
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