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a) At the bottom of the Parkb) At each featurec) At the entrance to the Parking Lotd) At all Park Entrances, on trail maps and other safety signs and information
a) Turn up your tunesb) Check the road conditionsc) Convince someone to go with youd) Make a plan
a) Scope around jumps first, before going over themb) Ride the jump slowly with just a little airc) Hit the jump the way you always dod) Get some coaching from a buddy
a) People below you have the right of wayb) Try to stick most of your landingsc) Start small and work your way upd) Overtake slower riders when approaching features
a) Stop on the approach pathb) Do set up turns and speed checks on the approachc) Sideslip or snowplow down the approach pathd) Never slow down, always go straight
a) Other ridersb) The terrain and featuresc) The rulesd) All of the above
a) Ski and snowboard safelyb) Always wear a helmetc) Always stay ahead of the other guyd) Stay on beginner terrain
a) Stop and look around to make sure everyone saw youb) Clear the landing immediatelyc) Wait there for the next rider to take offd) Call your friend over so you can watch the video of your jump
a) Turnb) Trickc) Takeoffd) Teach
a) Half Pipes, Quarter pipesb) Jibs, Rails, Fun Boxesc) Jumps, Banks, Ramps and other featuresd) All of the above
a) Easy Styles, Ride Hard, Ride Fast, Enjoy the Parkb) Make a Plan, Look Before You Leap, Easy Style It, Respect Gets Respectc) Take ownership of the park, Don’t listen to park staff, Go big, Go fastd) Advance, Take off, Maneuver, Landing
a) Hand-plantb) A maneuver performed off a jump or feature, which positions your head below your waistc) Your head goes below your kneesd) All of the above
a) Ride it anywaysb) Don’t ride itc) Don’t ride it and let the park staff know the problemd) Ride it cautiously!
a) Receive a warningb) Having your park pass removed and your membership suspended, or your park pass removed and your Guest Pass,(lift ticket) removedc) Receive “High Fives” from your friendsd) Only having your park pass removed
a) Falseb) True

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