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Disc Golf

Welcome to Disc Golf at Caledon Ski Club.

First things first, what is disc golf? Disc golf is a rewarding game played exactly like regular golf, but with a disc instead of a set of clubs and balls. Players throw their disc towards a basket and record how many throws it takes before it comes to rest inside the basket. The winner is the person with the lowest total throws over 9 or 18 holes.

Why play Disc Golf vs Golf? Disc Golf is a great way to get outdoors with the entire family. It can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of age and skill, a nine-year-old could play with a 90-year-old. All you need is a disc and a place to play. Discs are relatively inexpensive, and you could even play with a frisbee laying around the house right now.

The Course at Caledon: Caledon Ski Club has had a professionally designed course (Thank you Innova!) added for our Members. It is 9-holes, and begins at the top of the East Hills. There are two sets of tees so you could play a full 18 holes by going through the course twice. The Red Tees are shorter and are great for beginners while the Blue Tees are for a longer and more challenging game. You can find more info about our course below. 

Do you have a smartphone? There is a great App called UDisc that you can download. Caledon Ski Club has set up both the Red and Blue tees as their own scorecards through the app. The course is private so it will not show up on the regular UDisc Map. Please search for “Caledon Ski Club Member’s Course” and it will show up on your phone. From there, you can click “Create Scorecard” and select the tees that you are planning on playing. Then go and play.

Would you like to take part in a recreational disc golf league at Caledon? Using the UDisc App, you can select to play against other Members by selecting the league option when creating your scorecard. League scores reset every week! If you have any questions about the league or need help with the app, email Doug at deriksen@caledonskiclub.on.ca.

If you don’t have UDisc? No problem. Below is a printable map and scorecard that you can bring with you. 

Some tips before you come:

  1. Read the signs located at the entrance of the Trail and on our website.
  2. Wear hiking shoes and long pants if possible.
  3. Write your first name and phone number on your disc. If found it can be returned to you.
  4. A return box is being installed by the trailhead as well where you can drop found discs.
  5. Wear some bug spray.

For the best viewing, please hold your phone in landscape mode. 


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