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Wine Survivor 2024

Event Name: Wine Survivor 2024
Event Time: 6:00 am - 11:59 pm
Event Date: February 19, 2024
Member Price: $20.0
Guest Price: $20.0
Spots available: 477

Event Details

Caledon Wine Survivor 
All Proceeds in Support of the Athlete Development Fund (ADF)

It's Back! The Wine "TV Survivor" themed FUNraiser elimination draw in support of the ADF. There are new twists, and some new optinos to allow you to out purchase, out last, re-enter, stay in the game and be named Wine Survivor 2024. The "Wine Survivor" takes home a cellar of wines curated by the Caledon Ski Club Community.

Overview of the Game:  Enter the game for $25 with an Immunity Idol option, or $20 without an Immunity Idol. If you are drawn to be eliminated and you still have an Immunity Idol; your Idol is used and you are protected in that draw. If you do not have an immunity idol, or you have already been drawn once you are eliminated.  If you been drawn once, you can re-enter the draw one more time for another $20.  Continue reading as there are some “Survivors” Game twists to help keep players in or remove players from the game. 

Who can play:  Players must be 18 years of age and participation in the game is open to all members of the Caledon Ski Club Community: Members, All Staff, Ski Patrol, Coaches and Instructors.

When: The collection of wines and player entry starts January 27 at the ADF Fundraiser and Continues to Feb 19. There will be Tribal Councils (elimination draws) up to and in advance of the Club Championships.  The Final Tribal Councils will be held live taking place prior to the Club Championship Awards Presentation on Saturday March 2 in the West Lodge.

How to Get in the Game: To enter go online at Caledon Events and pay the entry fee of $25 if you want an immunity idol or $20 without.  Drop off a “respectable” (worth $20 or more) bottle of wine with your registration confirmation and or name at the Race Office (West Lodge) or Ski School Office (Main Lodge).  When entered you will receive game communications, and consent to the rules of the game. You many enter as many times as you wish.

Alliances: You may form an Alliances with anyone on your own, at any time to pool entries and share the Cellar. There will only be one Wine Survivor 2024.   If the Wine Survivor is a member of an alliance that player is responsible for dividing up the wine cellar amongst that player’s Alliance.

Immunity Idols:  May only be purchased once upon initially entering the game. Immunity Idols are NOT transferable amongst entries. Immunity Idols will not be in play for the last two Tribal Councils draws to the Final four and Winner Draw.

After February 10th the cost of an Immunity Idol entry increases to $30, a regular entry remains $20.  Entries and Wine Collection ends Family Day Monday Feb 19.

What happens if you are drawn and eliminated at Tribal Council: If you have an immunity idol; your immunity idol is automatically played. Your entry is protected in that draw and your entry survives to the next Tribal Council.  If you are drawn and do not have an immunity idol you are out. You can re-enter the game once for an additional $20.  Re-entry is not allowed after Tribal Council draw 7. Eliminated twice without an Immunity Idol your Torch is snuffed; you are out for good; thanks for playing!

Burned by Fire:   In the event that at any Tribal Councils at least 50% of the of players are not eliminated due to the number of immunity idols in play; 51% of those drawn for elimination will be “Burned by Fire” in a second draw. A player Burned by Fire may still get back in the game via a Redemption Island draw.  Anyone eliminated once may renter for $20.  Eliminated twice your Torch is snuffed; thanks for playing!

Redemption Island:    At specific Tribal Councils all eliminated players will go to Redemption Island where at least one Player will be drawn to stay in the game. That player(s) will NOT loose any immunity idol(s) if still holding an idol on that entry.

Re-entry: When notified of the outcome of a Tribal Council if a player desires and is eligible to re-register. You may do so online 24 hours prior to the next Tribal Council. The Tribal Council schedule and re-entry instructions will be included in all communication and finalised when the total number of entries is known.

*** As with the TV Survivor game there may be new Challenges, Surprises, Immunity Awards, Changes and Special Tribal Councils introduced depending on the number of entries and how the game plays out.

All decisions of The Tribal Council are final, the Tribe will have spoken.

All Tribal Councils will be overseen by this years Wine Survivors Hosts.

Gen Paraudeau and Gord Boughner
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