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Fishing at Caledon Ski Club

Did you know that you can Fish at Caledon Ski Club? Caledon has a small stream that runs through the entire property, connecting our four ponds. Three of those ponds are currently available for Member (and accompanying guest) fishing access. Members can fish in the pond located off of Mississauga Road, the small pond at the bottom of Knight Flight, and the one beside Kendall’s Kandihar.

The pond at the bottom of the West is reserved for swimming at this time. Oh, did you know you could swim at Caledon as well?

Where is the best spot to cast? Park at the Main Lodge Upper Lot and hike down Sidewinder to the pond closest to Mississauga Road. On the bank closest to Road Runner, there is a perfect grassy spot to cast from.

Please make sure to familiarise yourself with the below rules. They are also posted on our website at https://caledonskiclub.com/fishingrules and at the pods themselves. 

1) Fishing is catch and release only.

2) Worms and / or lures only as bait.

3) 1 (one) non-barbed hook per lure.

4) Do not bring live bait into the Caledon Ponds and Stream system.

5) Do not remove any wildlife (plant or animal) from the Caledon Pond and Stream System.

6) Please refrain from trespassing on surrounding resident properties.

7) Be considerate of others when using the pond and property.

8) This is an unsupervised area. Supervision of children is strongly recommended.

9) Follow all local and provincial rules.

10) Adults must have a fishing license.

More info can be found at: https://www.ontario.ca/page/fishing

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