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Guest Policy

GUEST RESERVATIONS must be made 24 hours in advance and can be made up to 11 days in advance. Same day reservations are NOT available. 

Each Guest can visit the Club a maximum of 4 times on weekends during the season.  Guests may visit up to a total of 10 times per season.  Visits during Christmas/March Breaks do not count.

NON-SKIING GUESTS : Non-skiing Guests do NOT need a reservation to visit the Club. Guests who want to skate, snowshoe, or hike should go to one of the ticket desks to get a no-charge ticket.


1) Gather your Guests’ Names and a unique Email for each adult (18+) and a Parent’s Email for anyone under 18 (an invalid email will lead to an incomplete booking)
2) Select a green or blue date on the calendar in your Member Portal
3) Enter your Guest’s First Name, Last Name and Email
4) Check the box for Guests under the age of 18 and enter a Parent’s Email
5) Click the button to Add Another Guest and enter details
6) Once you have added all your Guests for the date selected, click the Save button
7) The next time you reserve these Guests, Add an Existing Guest using the drop-down box instead of re-entering their information again

GUEST WAIVERS: Once you complete the Guest Reservation, Guests receive an automated email asking them to sign a waiver and confirm their reservation. Each Guest over 18 years is required to sign their own waiver; parents sign the waiver for children under 18.

WHAT IF THE DAY I WANT TO RESERVE IS RED?: A day highlighted in red means the Guest List is currently full. Check back for cancellations up to 24 hours before and if the day is blue or green, you can book your Guests. You can also invite your Guests to visit another day.

HOW TO TROUBLESHOOT ISSUES: If you have trouble booking a Guest, please confirm that you have:

1) Paid your 2022/23 invoice
2) Signed your waiver
3) Listed a valid email address in the Member Profile section of your account
4) Selected a date that is blue or green on the calendar

Still having trouble? Contact Member Services.

CANCELLATIONS: Guests who feel unwell or have COVID-19 symptoms should NOT come to the Club. If your Guests’ plans change, cancel their reservations immediately so another Member can invite their Guests. Up to 24 hours in advance, sign into your Member Account and select Existing Reservations. Use the Cancel button to delete the reservation. For same day cancellations, contact Member Services directly. 

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