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Do you have some questions about the upcoming season at Caledon Ski Club? We have put together the most recently asked questions and the most up-to-date answers possible. 

What do I need to do before my family or I can come to the Club?
If you are looking to register for programming to visit the Club or pick up your sticker for the season you must have finished all of the below. A list of what is still unfinished will be populated on our website in the Member’s section ahead of the season’s start. 
1.  PAID YOUR ANNUAL STATEMENT: contact admin@caledonskiclub.on.ca if you need a copy of your statement
2. PROVIDED PROOF OF VACCINATION - Click Here to Provide your Proof of Vaccination
Click Here to View the Club's Mandatory Proof of Vaccination Policy
ADULT WAIVER LINK: (18+) each adult must complete their own waiver - you cannot sign for another adult
MINOR WAIVER LINK: to be completed by a parent/guardian for those under 18
ADULT HEALTH ATTESTATION LINK: (18+) each adult must complete their own attestation - you cannot sign for another adult
MINOR HEALTH ATTESTATION LINK to be completed by a parent/guardian for those under 18

Is Caledon Open?
Soon! We are hoping to open as soon as the first week in December, based on weather conditions. Our opening day announcement will be made on our website and through our e-carver.

Do I need to be vaccinated?
All Members, employees, visitors and guests must be vaccinated to visit Caledon Ski Club this winter. Our full vaccination policy is linked above. This includes visitors coming to ski, hike, snowshoe, or use the Clubhouse or property. 

What if I need an accommodation? 
Vaccine accommodation requests were due by November 15th. If you have a late request, please send it to admin@caledonskiclub.on.ca. 

What happens if my child becomes eligible for vaccination during or just before the season starts. 
Any child that becomes eligible is expected to begin the process of vaccination at their earliest availability. This includes children who turn 12 during the season, and any children who become eligible due to changes to vaccine availability. 

What do I do when I arrive at the Club?
When you arrive at the Club you will check in with your RFID card and confirm that nothing has changed with your health attestation. Your badge/sticker will serve as your proof of vaccination.

*If it is your first time visiting for the year, please visit the West Lodge to pick up your sticker / badge/ card for the season and validate your RFID.

May I bring guests?
Yes! Guests must book in ahead of time through the website. Please check the website for availability. Caledon will not be accepting walk-up ticket purchases this year. Pre-paid ticket holders must still book in advance. 

Non-skiing guests will still need to be booked in ahead of time to access the property. More information on non-skiing guests will be released in the coming weeks. 

Does my guest need to be vaccinated?
Guests who are eligible must be fully vaccinated and follow all current Club guidelines. Those who are under the age to be vaccinated must be accompanied by an adult who is fully vaccinated. Unvaccinated guests will not be able to visit the Club this season. 

What if my guest needs a vaccine accommodation? 
All accommodation requests must be sent in 2-weeks prior to your guest visiting the Club sot they can be processed ahead of time. 

Do I need to wear a mask?
Yes. Masks must be worn in lift lines, while on the chair, in the Clubhouse, and while outside and you are unable to stay 2 meters apart. 

Loose-fitting facemasks, scarves, and single-layered thin neck warmers are examples of pieces that do not qualify as a mask.

Why does the vaccination policy impact all indoor and outdoor areas of the club?
Approximately 20% of the Membership did not qualify for vaccination until November 23rd. To ensure the safety of our younger Members, we have asked that all Members who are able to be vaccinated are, while anywhere on Club property. The simple and clear rule also makes it easy for staff to enforce rules, and move about the Club when looking after our youngest Members. 

When will the Club update our Vaccination Policies? (i.e. when provincial Mask Mandates change.)
In the past year and a half, we have learned that rules from the Provincial and Local Governments can change weekly, if not daily. Caledon will try to remain as fluid as possible while maintaining a safe place for our Members. Rules with regards to COVID will be updated when needed, based on the discretion of the Board and the Management of the Club. 

Does every Member require a Member badge this year to access the lodge?
Your Membership badge is your proof that you have paid your annual dues, and have submitted all relevant forms and waivers for the season. To enter the Club, all Members must have their Membership badge predominately displayed. Members without a badge will not be admitted into the Club. 

Will the Cafeterias be open this season?
Food service is preparing to restart this year with a full menu at both lodges. To dine in the lodges, you will need to wear a mask when not sitting and eating. We ask that our Members not reserve tables throughout the day, minimize their lodge time, and enjoy the outdoors as much as possible this season. 

Will the Bar be operational?
The bar will be operational and follow the same rules and regulations as the rest of our food service. Please wear a mask when approaching the bar to make an order.

Will there be outdoor warming stations?
We have kept out extra fire pits and benches across the property. While you are able to come inside this year for the lodge, we have kept the new outside additions as they were well used by the Membership last season.
Is the rink open?
The rink will be open for the season. (Weather dependent.)  

Is there yoga this season?
We plan on offering yoga again this year, with a more limited schedule than in previous years. 

What about Glühwein, the ADF Fundraiser, Taco Party…?
Caledon is excited to be moving forward with a robust schedule of events through the season. Some may have a revised format or new and different offerings to make everyone feel safe and welcome. Stay tuned to the website and your e-caver for more information and dates on when events are coming. 

Can I sit and wait in the Lodge?
Yes. Right now the Club is planning on full Club access through the season. Please note that provincial rules can change at any moment. We also ask that our Members not reserve tables throughout the day, minimize their lodge time, and enjoy the outdoors as much as possible this season.

Can I use my locker?
Lockers are open for the season as usual. 

Is the Kids Club open?
With current restrictions and health mandates, combined with the age of the children in our Kids Club, it may not be possible to operate it this season. Stay tuned for more information.  

Who can I ride the lift with?
Chair lifts are back to full capacity. 

Are there lessons?
Lesson registration opened on the 22nd of November. We have made many updates to our instructor-student ratios in our youngest groups so please take a moment to read through the booklet. 

How do we report safety concerns?
They can be reported to the West Office or a Manager at the Club. Serious concerns should be reported directly to the General Manager.

How do I find out about updated information?
The Club will be sending out regular updates in our e-carver. Those same updates will be posted on our homepage, www.caledonskiclub.com, in the News section. Please continue to check in and follow along as the season is continually evolving.

What will the indoor restrictions be this year?
Masks must be worn unless seated and eating or drinking. 

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