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Is Caledon opening during lockdown?
As of the new updates from the Provincial Government, the Club closed on December 24th at 1 pm as regularly scheduled. Skiing will not resume until February 11th. Members will still have access to the skating rink, disc golf, icestock, and hiking trails during the closure. 

What do I do when I arrive at the Club?

RFID cards are ready for those Members who have paid their annual dues and filled out their online waivers. Every Member will have one that they MUST bring with them to the Club. If you do not have it, you will be turned away. You will be asked to confirm your health attestation each day when you arrive and your RFID cards will be scanned. If it is your first visit, please visit the West Lodge to pick your RFID card up Wednesday - Sunday, 9am - 4pm. 

Can I bring guests?

No. Access to the Club is only available to Members at the current time. 

Do I need to wear a mask?

Yes. Masks are currently mandatory inside, in lift lines, while riding the chair, on the rink, and whenever within 6 feet or 2 meters of a staff Member. Please bring at least one spare mask with you as well each day. Masks must be a minimum of a 2-layer mask, with 3 layers recommended. Loose-fitting facemasks, scarves, and single-layered thin neckwarmers are examples of pieces that do not qualify as a mask.

Is there any food service?

The Club is located in the Region of Peel and is in lockdown. At this date, there is no indoor dining. Food brought from home must be consumed inside your family vehicle.

Will there be a bar?

If and when permitted by level, we hope to have some offering at the West Lodge. Currently, there is no bar service while in lockdown. Personal alcohol is not permitted.

Will there be outdoor warming stations?

We have extra fire pits and benches across the property. Please dress warmly and bring extra layers.

Is the rink open?

We are able to use the rink for skating and ice stock, keeping your 2m distance from others. We will also need to cap the number of Members using the rink to 17 at any one time. A reservation system will be in place for January 16th weekend to book space ahead of your visit. 

Is there yoga this season?

Indoor yoga can not run during the lockdown. Outdoor yoga was proposed but the response from the Membership was not high enough to run through the season.

What about Glühwein, the ADF Fundraiser, Taco Party…?

All gatherings and events during Lockdown are not allowed to run. At this time, if we move to the Red level, those numbers only increase to 25. Most likely these events will return in the 2021-2022 season.

Can I sit and wait in the Lodge?

No. As the Region of Peel is in lockdown, the Lodges are currently closed. The lodges are only open for washroom access.

Can I use my locker?

We are asking that Members pick up all soft goods from their lockers prior to the season start during one of our scheduled pickup dates, or the first time arriving at the Club. Lockers can be accessed through our new Valet service for the storage of skis, poles, and boards only. This may change throughout the season and we will keep you updated.

Is the Kids Club open?

Unfortunately, Kids Club is closed for the season. 

Who can I ride the lift with?

You can ride the chair with your own family / household. At this time single riders must ride on their own chair. We will have two separate lines at each lift to help with loading.

Are there lessons?

As of the first week of December we have made the difficult decision to cancel all organized classes. During lockdown we are not allowed to have any organized lessons or events. As the Club moves into Red and then Orange through the season, we hope to offer limited access to private lessons and to rework our programming to offer what we can while meeting the requirements of Public Health.

Is there a ski swap this year?

Equipment exchange is ongoing through Facebook. Search for the Caledon 2020-2021 Ski Swap and you can request to join. https://www.facebook.com/groups/caledon20202021skiswap

How do we report safety concerns?

They can be reported to the West Office or a Manager at the Club. Serious concerns should be reported directly to the General Manager.

How do I find out about updated information?

The Club will be sending out regular updates in our e-carver. Those same updates will be posted on our homepage, www.caledonskiclub.com, in the News section. Please continue to check in and follow along as the season is continually evolving.

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